"Swap Heroes is a fun, casual take on roguelike strategy games, and I greatly appreciate that." - App Advice - 4.5/5
"A neat mix of ideas wrapped in a package that makes you want to play, Swap Heroes is well worth a look" - Pocket Gamer 8/10
"It's easy to get your money's worth out of this one, and it's perfect to just pick up and play whenever." - Touch Arcade - 4/5
"There’s an interesting puzzle game here that drives you to try over and over." - Gamezebo - 4/5


Swap Heroes is a casual turn-based strategy adventure.
Form a group of heroes and guide them in battle through levels of increasingly difficult enemies.
Only the strongest and most coordinated parties will survive the danger that lies ahead!

- Assemble a party of 4 characters (8 to choose from).
- Guide your party through a wide variety of locations each with unique and challenging enemies.
- Activate each character's devastating skill by swapping them forward.
- Earn gold to purchase various character upgrades at the shop.
- Battle to the death. If one character falls, so does the group. Be careful!

*No in-app purchases or ads.*


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